EarthPaint 1.3

A painting and drawing tool for creating Google Earth overlays
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EarthPaint is an ideal and easy-to-use painting and drawing application for creating graphic overlays for Google Earth. Just launch Google Earth and zoom into the geographical area you wish to work on, and then open your EarthPaint program which will provide you with the choice of synchronizing its view with the current one displayed by Google Earth, or setting a new one. EarthPaint will display a referenced grayscale version of the current view that you can draw using the drawing tools provided by the program. The Draw option in the program's simple interface menu, when selected, will provide you with choices of pencil, text, ellipse, filled ellipse, polygon, rectangle and filled polygon, as well as color and line width. The program's drawing and painting tools will allow you to draw freehand any geographical imagery you want, and you can also erase and modify the elements you create. This handy tool allows you to add lakes, new roads, mark in wetlands, dams or proposals for landscapes etc., and once you have finished your drawing in EarthPaint, you can publish it as an overlay to Google Earth with a simple click of a button.

R. Fernandez
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  • Simplistic user interface


  • No direct save capability
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